What Services We Offer

Our Services

SEDIBENG TRAINING CENTRE regards itself as an integral role-player in SMME development. It has thus formed close working alliances with vital SMME development agents. Such stakeholders include the following:

  • National Productivity Institute : Emerging Sector.
  • SABS – Missing Link
  • Sedibeng District Municipality : Economic Desk & IDP Programmes.
  • Khula Enterprise Finance ltd.


Benefits of Contract With Sedibend Training Centre
SEDIBENG TRAINING CENTRE will provide specially selected, trained and accredited staff for training and assessment.
Institutionalised (off-site) training will be provided at well-equipped accredited workshops.
On-site training is provided and a work schedule will be compiled in conjunction with your appointed contact person.
SEDIBENG TRAINING CENTRE will liaise and organize registration of learners with the relevant SETA.
Our operations personnel will regularly liaise with your appointed contact person to maintain the required standards.
SEDIBENG TRAINING CENTRE will provide mandated training to the Community. Training of Unemployed persons in accordance with the Skills Development Act, 1998.
SEDIBENG TRAINING CENTRE is easily accessible to residents of the Sedibeng District.
SEDIBENG TRAINING CENTRE will award Certificates of Competence to successful candidates.
Assist in the compiling of training strategy.


Core Values

  • Work with Government and communities to implement the objectives of the National Skills Development Strategy, GEAR and RDP.
  • We view training as an integral part of all progressive enterprises.
  • We believe in the enhancement of both organizational and individual performance, to do so we offer services of consistent excellence in quality.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship. We encourage people to constantly seek new views, alternatives and information about leading edge development.



The Institution is committed to:

  • Establishing world class standards.
  • Form strategic alliances with reputable partners.
  • Black business empowerment.
  • Give priority to programmer directed to sustainable job creation.